This is The Original Dirty Harry® Shoulder Holster!! It is for the S&W N Frame, Model 29 for a 6.5″ bbl. It is from the original company. We are excited that we are able to offer these. If you want to carry your Big-Bore gun around, you can now do it in comfort and style.

 NOTE: *All holsters go through a final fitting using the real firearm it is intended to carry, therefor, delivery can be a few weeks. Own the Original, worn and written about as “Being the most comfortable I have ever tried for heavy guns”…by Elmer Keith–father of the
.44 Magnum cartridge, in Oct., 1978 GUNS & AMMO, making it Not  newbie “Gear of the Year”, but Classic “Gear of the 20th Century and Forever!”  And… no long wait!